Charles Leclerc: 'Ferrari were upset by off-season skydive'

Charles Leclerc has revealed that Ferrari were "a little bit upset" after he completed a skydive during the off-season, without requesting permission.

Formula 1 drivers are often strictly forbidden from taking part in activities considered to be dangerous, with clauses in their contracts demanding they request permission from the team to take part in certain sports/events.

During a fan Q&A at the Autosport International Show, Leclerc was asked what he would like to do during the winter break and whether he would be tempted by a Daytona drive, to which the Monegasque racer replied: “To be completely honest, I am obsessed with Formula 1 so in the off-season I would like to have just a few more races to still race in F1.

"But if I had to choose, probably rallying is something I would like to experience one day. It is quite different to what I am used to going around in circles from the morning to the afternoon, so rallying is something exciting I would like to try.

He added: "I would love to try a MotoGP [bike] but I'm not sure Ferrari would agree. I need to ask but I love bikes in general. I'm not sure Ferrari agrees for me to drive a MotoGP bike though!"

On the subject of asking for permission, Leclerc admitted he didn't approach Ferrari before his skydive which left the team "a little bit upset".

"Yes, you normally should do [ask permission]," he said. "[But] I didn't for skydiving, because I just told myself that in case it will go wrong I will not be here to be told off. So, yeah, I just went for it, and then they were a little bit upset.

"At the end, I won't do it a second time. It was amazing. But it was just to do it once."


1st skydive today. What an amazing experience, jumping alone is next on the list 😬

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