Pirelli expects more predictable F1 races in 2020

Start of the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli believes grands prix may be more predictable through the 2020 season on account of teams deciding to continue using 2019-spec tyres.

Formula 1 teams were unenthused by Pirelli’s 2020-spec C4 compound that was trialled during practice at the United States Grand Prix last October, though cold weather was blamed for several issues.

Teams reconvened for two days of post-season testing at the Yas Marina Circuit in December but once more the newer tyres did not receive positive feedback.

An e-vote was scheduled, as per Formula 1 regulations, allowing teams to abandon the 2020-spec tyres if seven of the 10 representatives agreed.

All 10 teams voted to reject the 2020 tyres and retain use of the 2019 specification for the upcoming Formula 1 season.

“The 2019 product was working well, we had a very good season, with good races,” Pirelli chief Mario Isola told MotorsportWeek.com.

“[In 2018 there was] blistering, degradation [and] overheating, there were some compounds that were not spacing the right way in terms of delta lap times, so we have no issues in carrying over the 2019 product to 2020.

“It’s important the teams are aware of the fact that in keeping the same product with cars that will be faster we will obviously have to increase a little bit the starting pressure and for sure we don’t have a situation in which there is any reduction in overheating or degradation, that is clear, we discussed that with the teams, they preferred 2019 [tyres] for a number of reasons.

“The 2020 [tyres] are different, so that means they [the teams] had to adapt and modify the 2020 cars if they decided to move to the 2020 tyres.

“They were at the final phase of development on the 2020 cars so they preferred to stay on the known product, which is the 2019-spec.

“We will have a bit less unpredictability in terms of knowing the tyres because it’s a product they know very well and that’s all.

“I don’t see any other difference or issue in keeping the 2019 tyres for another season.”

Pirelli will spend its allocation of 25 private test days through 2020 preparing for the debut of the 18-inch tyres next season.

Ferrari will begin the programme at Jerez on February 8th.