Senna surprised by second straight WEC pole

Bruno Senna was not expecting to be on pole position for the 8 Hours of Bahrain, saying the pole was 'fantastic and surprising'.

Senna teamed with Norman Nato on board the #1 Rebellion R13-Gibson and took overall pole position with a time of 01:42:979, which beat out both Ginettas and Toyotas.

Speaking to Motorsport Week after the session, the Brazilian explained he thought Rebellion was going to lose out to the pair of Ginettas.

It’s fantastic and surprising," Senna commented. We were not expecting to be on pole here, thought that the Ginettas were really going to gobble us up, but our car really shines in low fuel and new tyres when everything is working, so we enjoyed it quite a lot."

Senna explained that his LMP1 car felt very good on new tyres, and was able to pull off a second consecutive pole with a single set.

"Last night I had the chance to put new tyres on and I was like ‘well this feels good.’ So I was really looking forward to qualifying. But yeah, going for pole with one set of tyres only is fantastic.

So now we just need to make sure that we have a good race without any issues and hopefully we can stay there."

When asked, Senna admitted that he will try hard to get a second straight overall win with the Swiss outfit.

"Well, we’re definitely trying. It’s not going to be easy. We saw how hard it was on the tyres, so yeah, only using one set of tyres put us in the best position we can be for that."