Ferrari would try to block Toto Wolff from taking up F1 CEO role

Ferrari would attempt to block Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff from taking over the role of Formula 1 CEO, according to Ferrari boss Louis Camilleri.

Wolff has been linked with the top job at F1 as a successor to Chase Carey, though the Austrian himself has remained quiet on the subject, but has acknowledged the possibility of moving on from his current role.

Many in the paddock see Wolff as the perfect fit for the job, though others have raised concerns over a potential conflict of interest given his connection to Mercedes and for that reason, Ferrari would oppose the move.

"I think that anybody who's been an active and important player in a certain team within the last few years, to take on that responsibility at F1 would automatically create conflicts of interest, perceived or otherwise," Camilleri said during a media lunch at Maranello.

"So I personally think it would not be a good thing. Our position is that if Mattia [Binotto] was the candidate to replace Chase Carey I think the rest of the paddock would not be too happy with it. It's just logical."

There is a suggestion Ferrari could use its veto rights to block the move, though it's uncertain whether it would apply in this case given it is neither a sporting nor technical matter and Camilleri hinted that constructive conversation would be a better avenue.

"Well, the veto is sort of a last resort tool," added Camilleri. "Should we be confronted with that I think we would explain our position quite clearly to the folks at Liberty, Greg in particular, and I think we would have a constructive conversation."