Extra corner added to Vietnam GP track layout

Hanoi Circuit layout

Organisers of the Vietnam Grand Prix have revealed an updated track map for the Hanoi Circuit, with a new corner added to the final sector.

Vietnam will join the Formula 1 championship next April, with the streets to the west of Hanoi used for two-thirds of the circuit layout.

The layout has taken inspiration from sections of other circuits, including the Nurburgring, Monaco, and Suzuka.

On Wednesday race organisers revealed a revised layout, which introduces a new corner, and extends the length of a lap from 5.565km to 5.607km.

The original layout had a left-hander at Turn 21 leading into a tight left-hander for Turn 22, the final corner on the circuit.

Instead the track will now bend right at Turn 21, prior to a tight left-hander at Turn 22, and a more open left-hander at the final corner, now Turn 23.

Event organisers are expecting the circuit to be completed by early January, with the pit complex set to be finished before the end of December.