The price of success: Mercedes to pay record F1 entrance fee

Mercedes will pay Formula 1's highest-ever entrance fee for the 2020 FIA Formula 1 World Championship following its sixth successive Constructors' title victory.

The entrance fee is calculated based on a standard fee plus a value assigned to each championship point scored over the course of the previous season, with the champions hit by a higher per-point rate than its rivals.

Mercedes, which scored 739 points over the course of the 2019 season, must pay the base rate of $556,509, plus $6,677 per point, giving a total entry fee of $5,490,812 – which beats the previous record of $4,934,303, also set by Mercedes in 2016 when it scored a record points tally of 765.

The per-point fee has increased annually and is based on the US Consumer Price Index, which accounts for the fee jump even though Mercedes scored fewer points in 2019 than it did in 2016. The 2020 fee is just over $500,000 more than Mercedes paid for 2019.

The champions fee is $1,114 higher per-point than those that finish second to tenth, with Ferrari paying 'just' $3,360,261 for the 2020 season after they scored just 504 points.

Bringing up the rear with just one point scored is Williams, which will pay $562,072, almost 10x less than Mercedes.

2020 Formula 1 Entry Fees

Team Points Fee
Mercedes 739 $5,490,812
Ferrari 504 $3,360,261
Red Bull 417 $2,876,280
McLaren 145 $1,363,144
Renault 91 $1,062,742
Alpha Tauri 85 $1,029,364
Racing Point 73 $962,608
Alfa Romeo 57 $873,600
Haas 28 $712,213
Williams 1 $562,072