Haas' Guenther Steiner admits he should have trusted drivers more over failed upgrade

Haas VF19 during the Brazilian GP

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner has admitted he should probably have listened to his drivers "a little bit more" over the team's failed upgrade.

The American outfit has finished in the points on just five occasions this season and finds itself in a lonely ninth place in the standings, substantially behind Alfa Romeo, and ahead of only Williams.

Haas failed to follow-up on a good start in the season-opening race in Australia – where the team scored eight points – until the Spanish Grand Prix where an upgrade provided a performance boost.

However it was short-lived as the team scored just one point in the following five races before the decision was taken to scrap the upgrade and revert to the original Australian-spec VF19 on Romain Grosjean's side of the garage, with Kevin Magnussen following a few races later.

Steiner admits it has been a "tough year" following the highs of 2018 when the team finished fifth, but says they've learned some important lessons and are keen to avoid repeating them in 2020.

"It was obviously a tough year for us in our fourth season," he said. "You learn and, overall, we’re pretty strong anyway. We had to learn some lessons to get better. Next year will be a new book and, hopefully, we go back to the kind of performances we had in 2018.

"One thing I would do is to just do something different after we introduced the upgrade in Barcelona. I would listen a little bit more to the drivers and be a little bit more self-critical," added Steiner.

"I would say there is a silver lining. We started to react during the summer break to work on the 2020 car – to try to avoid the mistakes we’ve made this year. We don’t want to repeat them. We’re just moving forward, analysing and working hard on the 2020 car."