Sebastian Vettel critical of 'selfie guy and shitty trophies'

Podium ceremony - Mexico GP 2019

Sebastian Vettel renewed his push for ‘nicer trophies’ as he criticised the “boring” look of the current models, following his podium in Mexico.

Vettel, who has voiced similar opinions at past events, finished second in Mexico, and was part of a tweaked podium ceremony.

That involved the elevation of Lewis Hamilton’s victorious car to the front of the podium, as well as the appearance of ‘Mario Achi’, the figure who has promoted the event through 2019.

“I think it was cool,” said Vettel on the ceremony. “I didn’t like the selfie guy when he tried to push into the picture so I pushed him away.

“Not big into selfies anyways, but I think it was nice to elevate the car as well, it’s really cool, it’s a nice way to do it to involve the whole stadium and the crowd.

“I liked most of it except the selfie guy and the trophies.

“I think it’s a shame you have such a great race and they put such effort into the race and then you get these shitty trophies that look boring.

“I think for the future we should have something nice, maybe traditional Mexican. I think it’s a bit of a shame.

“There’s Heineken written everywhere, you don’t need to have the fricking star on the trophy as well.

“Get something nice like they had when Formula 1 used to race here before we came back.”