R-Motorsport to end DTM partnership with HWA

R-Motorsport has confirmed that it will no longer be working together with engine partner HWA, ending its relationship after a single season in DTM.

R-Motorsport had a difficult first season in DTM, with the four Aston Martin Vantage DTMs having a limited development time and suffering from numerous mechanical issues throughout the season, as well as a lack of performance compared to Audi and BMW. 

“Regrettably, we have been unable to establish any consensus for further collaboration with HWA AG in regard to fulfilling our commitment to the DTM, so that the only option for us now is to terminate our partnership with HWA in the DTM and to focus on the future," said Florian Kamelger, R-Motorsport team principal.

"Despite the termination of our collaboration with HWA, however, we still plan to continue our involvement in the DTM, and we will reorient ourselves in 2020 under these changed circumstances in coordination with Aston Martin.”

R-Motorsport and Aston Martin made the decision to not travel to Japan for the Fuji Dream Race last month. It opted not to join BMW and Audi in the DTMxSUPER GT crossover race, instead focusing on the development of its 2020 challenger.

Andy Palmer, Aston Martin President & Group CEO, added: “Aston Martin will continue to be supportive of R-Motorsport's DTM programme with the Vantage DTM race car and their wider plans to compete in race series governed by Class 1 regulations, such as the Super GT in Japan and in Asia.”