Teams reject qualifying race proposal for 2020 F1 season

Race start at the French GP, 2019

Formula 1 teams have rejected a proposal to run qualifying races at three events next season, following a bid by F1 bosses to experiment with the race weekend format in the hope of creating more drama.

It is understood that the French, Belgian and Russian rounds were earmarked for the trial, which would have seen the grid order decided by a short race on Saturday, rather than the now traditional three-round qualifying session.

The grid for the qualifying race would be determined by reverse championship order.

F1's managing director of motorsports Ross Brawn believed 2020's stable regulations would have been the ideal opportunity to experiment with different formats, including reverse grid races, but pushing such a change through at this late stage required all teams to unanimously vote in favour.

Whilst several teams backed the proposal during a vote on Wednesday, it failed to gather the unanimous support required and is therefore unlikely to be implemented for 2020.

However it could still be pushed through if unanimous support is found before the season begins next March.

The proposals were panned by drivers, with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel calling them "complete bulls**t".