Lewis Hamilton the greatest racer Britain has produced – Damon Hill

1996 Formula 1 World Champion Damon Hill says there's no question that Lewis Hamilton is Britain's 'greatest racer'.

Hamilton, a five-time champion, is the second most successful F1 driver in terms of race wins with 82, which is just nine shy of Michael Schumacher's record, however some argue that the various era's of racing make it impossible to compare drivers.

However Hill insists there's no question that Hamilton is Britain's best, having surpassed Sir Jackie Stewart's tally of three titles in 2018.

"It should be self-evident that Lewis is the greatest racer we've ever produced," Hill told the Daily Mail.

"One more to go after this one and he has equalled Schumacher, which was considered to be almost unreachable.

"Year-in and year-out, he has delivered against all comers in all situations and he has got this down to a fine art now, the way he goes about it.

"He has matured in every respect. He is properly formidable as a competitor. He is probably at the height of his powers and he knows it and he is relaxed about it."

Hill believes Hamilton deserves more recognition than he gets, but believes it's an issue with the sport's dwindling popularity, rather than the 34-year-old himself.

"Perhaps he doesn’t get the wider credit he deserves but that is a problem with our sport," he added.

"I don’t think it’s Lewis’s fault. I wonder if it’s the sport itself that has drifted away from the centre of attention.

"The fanbase is still there in the UK but the viewership globally, a lot of people moved away from it when Michael was winning everything."