Pierre Gasly was very stupid in late clash – Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez, Japan 2019

Sergio Perez criticised Pierre Gasly’s “very stupid” actions in the clash that brought his Japanese Grand Prix to an early end.

Gasly and Perez were contesting eighth place when they came to blows through Turn 1 on what was meant to be the final lap of the race, with Perez ending up in the barriers.

Due to a fault in the timing system, the chequered flag board was shown early, meaning the result was backdated a lap, returning Perez to ninth.

Stewards investigated the clash and deemed that no further action was required, but Perez expressed frustration at Gasly’s approach.

“I think it was an unnecessary touch, I was ahead and gave him enough room,” he said.

“You just see his car wasn't even on the kerb, so I was quite ahead, fresh tyres for the last lap of the race.

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“I think it was very stupid what he did and he got away with it. He was very lucky because he could have ruined his race and lost the points you know?

“I get it [the aggression] but there is a point where you would accept you've lost the position, you keep going. That happened that manoeuvre, [Daniel] Ricciardo did it to me twice, if kept going I would have done the same [as Gasly].

“Maybe I just take him out and it's okay… in many ways it was unnecessary the move, it was just over.”

On his overall race pace, Perez said: “I think it was better in the race, I was more comfortable with the pace in the race and the team did a fantastic job.

“We never gave up, we recovered massively and got into the points. Gasly ruined our effort.”