F1 relocates Suzuka Broadcast Centre to pit lane garages

Formula 1 has successfully moved its entire on-location Broadcast Centre to the FIA’s pit lane garages at Suzuka, amid the impact of Typhoon Hagibis.

Formula 1’s remote operations unit, which is transported to each grand prix, was located atop the paddock but the decision was made to relocate the entire structure and equipment, in order to prevent potential damage.

The FIA has four garages at the top end of the pit lane and these have been cleared to make way for the Broadcast Centre for when the weekend’s action resumes on Sunday.

The Safety and Medical Cars have instead been stored along the walkway that connects the pit lane with the paddock.

“Our crew in Japan were the epitome of teamwork when an exceptional contingency plan was initiated to protect our operation from the impending Typhoon Hagibis,” Formula 1 posted on social media.

“It was ‘all hands on deck’ as everyone worked tirelessly through the night to de-rig the podium, start lights, turnstiles, antennas, generators, and F1 Technical Centre and move the technical operation to four pit lane garages.

“With 2160 units of kit to decommission, move, re-commission and test, including over 1500 cables to unplug and plug back up, it’s an undertaking that had never been attempted before but thanks to the fantastic attitude and hard work of our team – it was a success!”

An updated schedule for Sunday has also been issued to outline when Formula 1 teams can return to work in order to get the relevant equipment in order.

The curfew for teams will end at 05:00 local time but the first two hours will solely be for the crews to restore everything that was dismantled on Friday evening.

Most teams have removed their pit walls, garage panels at the front and rear have been taken down, while some equipment stored within the garages has been altered around to avoid potential flood damage.