Sebastian Vettel: FIA must take fans into account when making typhoon call

Japanese fans on Thursday

Sebastian Vettel has urged the FIA to consider the Japanese Grand Prix fans when making a call over whether or not to cancel final practice and qualifying on Saturday.

Currently the forecast is predicting Saturday to be a complete wash-out with typhoon Hagibis set to hit Japan, bringing with it high wind speeds and heavy rain.

Drivers have already said driving in such conditions would not be possible both from a safety aspect and because the current wet weather tyres would be unable to cope.

Vettel wants the FIA to make an early call on Friday, giving fans plenty of notice so they don't arrive on Saturday, only to be disappointed with a lack of on-track action.

"Currently it’s a hundred percent [predicted to rain heavily] so it’s quite clear," said the Ferrari driver. "But I think we will see what happens throughout the weekend. It’s the same thing if we have a lot of rain in other places then obviously there’s the red flag and maybe the light might never switch to green.

"So obviously it would make sense if by tomorrow [Friday] night, I believe, if there’s more evidence to give a proposal or take an action for Saturday. [I’m] thinking especially not for us – for us it’s nice and easy and cosy in the garage, we’re sheltered – but for all the people around the track in the grandstands et cetera, I think it’s not so nice if you sit there and 80kph of wind blasting in your face and the rain comes sideways.

"Of course there is our safety which is important but also if it’s as they say, like 150kph winds, a typhoon and people trying to come to the track, you don’t want anything bad to happen. So I think that for everyone the earlier they can tell us the better it is. But it’s not an easy decision."