M-Sport's evaluation centre begins to take shape

M-Sport’s state-of-the-art evaluation centre is moving forward fast with steelworks for the new facility now being erected at the firm’s Dovenby Hall estate near Cockermouth, in Cumbria.

With most of the earthworks and foundations in place, the building is starting to take shape and the impressive structure demonstrates the true scale of the new 10,000+ square metre workshop.

It was made possible with investment from the UK Government’s Regional Growth Fund as well as the Growth Fund investment provided by Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (CLEP), and will allow M-Sport to develop a one-of-a-kind facility in the UK.

Sitting alongside a 2.5 km test track, the self-contained workshop will complete the multi-million-pound development – offering a unique centre of engineering excellence and ensuring Cumbria helps boost local economy, skills and innovation within the Northern Powerhouse.

“Driving into Dovenby Hall every morning, I can’t help but take scope of the impressive facility we are developing here,” said Wilson. “When you see the construction of the steelworks it really gives you a sense of scale, and a sense of what a fantastic site this is going to be.

"We are creating a unique facility where industry leaders from motorsport and automotive sectors will have everything they need to follow a concept from design to production. I truly believe that we have something special at Dovenby Hall, and this new development is going to build on that.”

Northern Developments Commercial Manager, Eddie Ward, added: “I’m very pleased with the progress being made in spite of the disappointing end to the summer. They have moved over 15,000 cubic metres earth, installing the main drainage and the concrete foundations, and over the coming weeks we will see over 600 tonnes of steel erected forming the structure of this magnificent development.

"We are proud to have worked in partnership with M-Sport since 1999 and we will ensure that this state-of-the-art facility meets their future needs. Once again this investment pays great tribute to the vision of Malcolm Wilson.”

Chief Executive of Cumbria LEP, Jo Lappin, was also enthusiastic: “Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership was delighted to support the development of this wonderful facility through a £1.3million allocation. We’re very pleased that our contribution will help one of our iconic Cumbrian companies to lead the way and create over 100 new jobs.”