Lewis Hamilton says 2021 plans 'look great' following driver briefing

Over the Russian Grand Prix weekend a briefing was held to give Formula 1 drivers a look at the 2021 regulations and the philosophy behind them, as well as getting feedback from the drivers.

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton gave a positive reaction and believes better communication between the drivers and FIA is a "big step" towards ensuring the 2021 rules achieve what they're supposed to.

"I think it has been a huge step for us to be involved and it is a big step for all the drivers to be united," he said.

"I think we are building a new and better relationship with the FIA – through the GDPA – and I think they’ve been quite open."

Although Hamilton says there's plenty of room for improvements, such as the weight of the cars, he said what was shown in the briefing "looks great" and it has motivated him to ensure he's still racing when the rules are fully realised.

"There are lots of things that can be improved but the thing they did show us the other day is the amount you lose behind a car today and what their simulations say about what we will lose in terms of downforce behind the new cars.

"I think it looks great so I am kind of working as hard as I can to stay around for as long as I can for then so I get to drive those new cars," he added.

"Naturally we don’t want the cars to be slower either I think they said they were two or three seconds off so hopefully we can push forward with that. Some thing like weight...we don’t want the cars to be heavier but it is going in that direction but I know they are working on hard at it."