Antonio Giovinazzi 'on the right path' after slow start to 2019 season

A close-up of Antonio Giovinazzi during the Singapore GP

Antonio Giovinazzi believes he is now heading in the right direction in Formula 1, after a string of races in which he has fought for the top 10.

Giovinazzi largely trailed Alfa Romeo team-mate Kimi Raikkonen through the first half of the campaign, scoring just one point, but has been more competitive in recent rounds.

Giovinazzi was on course for points in Belgium, prior to a penultimate-lap off, and took ninth in Italy, before leading a stint of the race in Singapore as he rounded out the top 10.

“I think to be honest if I’m watching back my season so far, the speed in qualifying was always there compared to Kimi,” said Giovinazzi.

“We were always really close in terms of performance, sometimes in front of him, sometimes behind him, but always really close.

“But then in the race was the main problem, the management of the race in general.

“For two years I just did two races in F1 plus one Le Mans last year, so to come back in F1 with the best category with the best drivers was not easy, but I think now I’m more comfortable in the race.

“The pace is also a lot better, and I hope to continue on this way, and I think we are on the right way.”

Giovinazzi added that “the first part of the race is really important, the start and the first laps because when you get in the position, then it is a lot more easy to be there just if you make a wrong strategy.

“If you are on the right strategy, it’s much easier if lap two, lap three you are P8 to stay there for the rest of the race.

“I think this was the main [focus], to be really 100 percent ready on the first part of the race, and that’s what I’m focused more on for the rest of the season.”