George Russell would embrace Nico Hulkenberg as 2020 Williams team-mate

George Russell at the Russian Grand Prix

George Russell says he wants the “fastest driver possible” as his 2020 Formula 1 team-mate, and would relish being paired with a driver such as Nico Hulkenberg.

Hulkenberg is currently out of contract for 2020 and faces few options if he is to remain in Formula 1, with Williams regarded as a potential option.

Hulkenberg began his Formula 1 career with Williams a decade ago and the team is currently without a second driver for 2020, following Robert Kubica’s decision to leave.

When asked by Motorsport Week about his preference for next year, Russell said: “My preference is to have the fastest driver possible next to me because I’m doing my best to prove what I can do to everybody.

“I want the opportunity again to show that. But ultimately from my side I just focus on myself, get on with my own job, my engineers.

“I feel ready to take control, to lead the team, if there were to be a rookie to come alongside me.

“But equally I’d be just as happy to have an experienced guy, such as Hulkenberg, coming in.

“He’s got a good reputation, experience, I’m sure I can learn some things from him, but again gives me a good opportunity to show what I can do.”

Russell has largely led Williams’ charge during a difficult campaign and believes he goes “above and beyond” the role most drivers play at a Formula 1 team.

“I think it’s a driver’s job to build the team, keep them all motivated, especially with your own engineers, to build that relationship, it’s just a bigger scale in Formula 1,” he said.

“I put a lot of work in, probably put more days in the factory than any other driver on the grid, on the simulator always trying to develop that, prepare for the weekend, spend time with the engineers, I just see that as my role as a driver, but arguably I go above and beyond.”