George Russell: Grosjean should have conceded the corner

George Russell criticised Romain Grosjean after their clash at Formula 1’s Singapore Grand Prix, quipping he “doesn’t know what he was thinking.”

Grosjean tried to overtake Russell around the outside of the Turn 8 right-hander but their pair clashed, resulting in Russell being tipped into the wall.

It marked Russell’s first retirement in Formula 1 while Grosjean went on to classify in 11th position.

Stewards investigated the incident post-race but determined that neither driver was fully responsible and opted to take no further action.

“He had his right to lunge it down the outside, at the apex we were next to each other, just after the apex I was half a car’s length ahead,” said Russell.

“The fact my rear left touched his front right proves that it was my corner. He should have conceded the corner.

“I don’t know what he was thinking, but it’s not the first time something’s happened like that with Romain.

“He said that I didn’t leave him any room, but I’ve seen the video and I clearly did.

“He said sorry but [while] not exactly admitting it was his fault. He’s obviously not going to say it was his fault.

“But it was my corner, I had the inside line at the apex and on the exit so it was his to give up, and he didn’t.”

On his role in the clash, Grosjean said: “I was on the outside in Turn 8, side by side, George went on the throttle early, I was on the left, I don’t think there was much room for me to go more to the left, obviously there is a wall there.

“I just need to see the footage. I think he had a moment mid-corner, with his rear, touched my front and sent him the other way round. I think it’s a bit unfortunate, but there’s not much more room I can go to the left.”