Kimi Raikkonen 'has something to think about' after clash - Daniil Kvyat

Daniil Kvyat believes Kimi Raikkonen should be held fully responsible for their clash during the closing stages of Formula 1’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Kvyat dived to the inside of Raikkonen during the closing stages of the race at Marina Bay but the pair made contact, causing terminal damage to Raikkonen’s Alfa Romeo.

Kvyat pressed onwards and ultimately classified a low-key 15th; the pair will meet the stewards to discuss the incident.

“I overtook him, I broke late, went in the inside, was making the corner, but he didn’t leave me space, he turned in like I wasn’t there, so I think he has something to think about,” said Kvyat.

“I was making the corner, I wasn’t going to go straight, when we’re side-by-side and he just shuts the door I don’t think it’s really good for his side.”

Kvyat was also left frustrated by his mirrors fogging up during the race.

“I think I had foggy mirrors, which is a lame excuse but they were bothering me a lot today,” said Kvyat.

“At the restart they just f*** you up so much. I tried to open the door and tried to overtake someone and someone else comes inside, I don’t know if they are there so I have to take a wider line, it’s pretty bad, we have to understand why it happened today.

“Other than that it was a bit crazy, I did my best, sometimes they don’t go my way, it didn’t go my way.”

When asked for his take on the clash, Raikkonen said: “My tyres were quite old by then and I knew he was quite a bit faster as he was on fresh tyres.

“I looked in the mirror on the straight and he was quite far. Just when I was turning in I kind of saw him on the side, with my eye, because on the mirror he wasn’t here. It was too late, so we touched and that’s about it.”