Ferrari adds front-wing cape and floor tweaks for Singapore

Ferrari's new front-wing

Ferrari has brought with it to Singapore a raft of upgrades which it hopes will improve the SF19's low-speed qualities, in the hope of challenging Marina Bay favourites Mercedes and Red Bull.

Although Ferrari has claimed victories at the previous two grands prix, both circuits are of a high-speed nature with long straights, which suit the SF19's straight-line speed advantage.

Updates to the SF19's floor in Singapore

Singapore however is the opposite and features the most corners of any circuit on the calendar at 23, more than half of which are 90-degree turns and therefore slow-speed.

Revealed on Thursday, Ferrari's new front-wing features a cape which not only helps with additional front-end downforce, but also helps to channel air under the floor of the car.

It's a concept several teams have used this season – and last year – already, but one Ferrari has shyed away from up until this weekend.

Other changes include tweaks to the floor section ahead of the rear-wheel, with several small fins and cutouts added, and the return of the T-Wing.

Racing Point has also introduced a new front-wing this weekend, which features a shorter fifth-element (top), which compared to the previous iteration aims to reduce drag, although it could come at the cost of downforce.