FIA adds third DRS zone to Singapore circuit

A third DRS zone has been added to the Marina Bay Street Circuit for this weekend’s Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix.

The FIA has been experimenting with the length and number of DRS zones at grand prix circuits in recent years, in a bid to enhance the quality and quantity of overtaking.

On Wednesday the updated track map was released, showing that another DRS zone has been added to Marina Bay alongside Esplanade Drive, between Turns 13 and 14.

The detection zone will be 102 metres prior to the corner.

This new section is in addition to the retained DRS zones alongside Raffles Avenue (Turns 5 to 7) and the pit straight, which each have their own detection points.

Drivers are permitted free use of DRS in practice and qualifying through the designated zones, and must be within one second of an opponent for it to be allowed in race trim.