F1 set to trial qualifying races in 2020 at select races

Formula 1 looks set to trial 'qualifying races' during the 2020 season, with Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto revealing that the teams have approved of the plan, although the exact details remain unknown.

F1's managing director of motorsport, Ross Brawn, recently confirmed the idea had been floated, citing the stable regulations as a perfect opportunity to "experiment" ahead of the 2021 season, when the sport will undergo a major regulatory overhaul.

"I’d like to see in 2020 for us to try a few things," he taid. "I think in 2020 we’ve got a stable platform in terms of the cars, things aren’t changing that much and I think that ’20 could be a good opportunity perhaps for one or two races to try some variations.

"I think the basic race format is good but would a sprint race be interesting, or would some changes to qualifying be interesting," he added. "I think the teams are up for doing some variations during a Saturday to see if we can try out a better solution."

It's believed the proposal was put to the teams during a recent Strategy Group meeting where Binotto said there was unanimous support.

Whilst the exact details have yet to be released, it's believed only three as yet undecided races will feature changes, with the remaining 19 on the record breaking 22-race calendar remaining unchanged.

Amongst the several ideas being considered are a qualifying race, reverse or partially-reversed grid races and a reduction in practice.