Sebastian Vettel's 'weird' mistakes 'difficult to understand' – Nico Rosberg

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel with a broken front-wing

Former Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg says he finds it "difficult to understand" why Sebastian Vettel is making so many mistakes following his recent spin during the Italian Grand Prix.

Vettel was in fourth when he spun at the Ascari chicane and then rejoined in an unsafe manner, clipping Lance Stroll and pitching the Racing Point driver into a spin of his own.

That led to Vettel dropping to last and then a drive-through penalty for the contact compounded a poor weekend for the German.

Although Rosberg says he understands why Vettel rejoined in the manner he did, he can't understand the "weird" spin – which was a common error made by Vettel last year, potentially costing him a shot at the title.

"Vettel's spin, my goodness," said Rosberg in his latest debrief video. "In qualifying he was strong, beginning of the race he was strong, but then he just loses the car like that on his own.

"It's weird. It's difficult to understand. A four-time world champion, one of the very best drivers out there, one of the greatest of all time also, but then he just spins the car like that, it's really, really strange. Not understandable, I don't know what's going on there and I don't think he does either.

"Then the crash after with Stroll, that one I can understand actually because you're just stuck there. You have two choices: either you just sit there and wait for the whole train to go by and your race is over, or you take a bit of a risk and just drive out, hope nobody is there because you can't see. He took the risk, I understand that, but of course he shouldn't have because it was damn dangerous."

Rosberg believes Vettel is currently in a "dark" place, particularly after team-mate Charles Leclerc had the absolute opposite race, taking Ferrari's first win at home since 2010, but is confident the four-time champion can bounce back.

"Something is going wrong there with Vettel, a tought time for him, really so dark. Leclerc wins at home in Monza and becomes a national hero, a legend, then Vettel has his worst weekend. Can you imagine how hard that is?

"But F1 is short-lived, you just need to bounce back once and everything is forgotten. The word is, you're only as good as your last race."