Lewis Hamilton takes a swipe at 'irrelevant' Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg in his Sky Sports role

Lewis Hamilton is the latest driver to take a swipe at Nico Rosberg, a former team-mate of the Mercedes driver.

Hamilton, who has a mixed past with Rosberg and was beaten to the 2016 championship by the German driver, reposted comments made by Red Bull's Max Verstappen, who said Rosberg was the new Jacques Villeneuve, referring to his outspoken comments.

Rosberg retired from F1 after winning the title and has taken up a pundit role with Sky Sports, as well as posting videos to YouTube where he reviews the race and often offers up his opinion in incidents.

In his latest post-Belgian GP video, Rosberg said Verstappen had reverted "to his old self", which led to Verstappen's outburst.

Hamilton said the comments amused him and that was the reason he reposted them to his own social media.

"I don't really think much of it to be honest. I thought it was really funny. I think Max is generally a really funny guy. I was cracking up when I saw it," he said on Saturday.

The five-time champion then took a swipe at Rosberg, saying he finds it odd that drivers complain about how the media treat them, only for them to retire and do the same.

"It's interesting because obviously we know what it's like, all the drivers, have all been here and know what it's like being criticised publicly. In the sport, they moan about being criticised about it. And then when people retire, they become those critics. It's an interesting dynamic.

"Also some of those drivers, unfortunately, become irrelevant when they retire," he added, referring to Rosberg. "They have to hang on and utilise someone else's light to keep them in the light. That's the way of this sport I guess."