FIA toughens stance on Monza track limits ahead of qualifying

Monza's Parabolica corner

The FIA has toughened its stance on track limits for this weekend's Italian Grand Prix, with race director Michael Masi issuing a revision to his event notes which now includes the following:

"A lap time achieved during any practice session or the race by leaving the track (all four wheels over the white track edge line) on the outside of Turn 11 will result in that lap time and the immediately following lap time being invalidated by the stewards."

This means any drivers that runs wide at the Parabolica – the fastest corner on the track – will have their current and following lap times deleted, as it's thought drivers could run wide to gain extra straight-line speed down the start/finish straight, therefore gaining an advantage.

This Article (11.4), was added on Friday night after several drivers ran wide at the corner during first and second free practice.

The event notes already stipulate strict conditions for Turns 1 and 4, with drivers forced to navigate four polystyrene blocks before rejoining the track at Turn 1 and at Turn 4, they must stay right of the yellow line and bollard if they run wide.

Only under certain circumstances, such as the opening lap, will the race stewards be lenient towards drivers who fail to adhere to the above.