Championship leader Nyck De Vries has been disqualified from Monza qualifying

FIA Formula 2 championship leader Nyck De Vries has been disqualified from qualifying for the Italian Feature Race following a fuel infringement.

After putting in a performance good enough for fourth on the grid, the ART driver was removed from the final classification due to failing to provide enough for sampling which is mandated in the technical regulations.

Article 14.6 of the F2 technical regulations states: 'Competitors must ensure that a 0.8kg sample of fuel may be taken from the car at any time during the Event.'

De Vries’ car was not able to supply this sample when tested after the session had been completed.

The stewards concluded there was a possible mistake in the calculation of laps completed during the session, allowing the car to eventually become under-fuelled.

All of the Dutchman's lap times have been subsequently deleted and removed from the results.

De Vries has been given permission to start the feature race from a position yet to be determined by the stewards.