Daniel Ricciardo had doubts about racing after Anthoine Hubert death

Daniel Ricciardo, F1 driver

Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that he had doubts about racing in Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix following the death of Formula 2 racer Anthoine Hubert.

The incident forced the Renault driver to contemplate whether it was really worth it, but says seeing Hubert's family the next day gave him the strength to push through those thoughts.

"You question is it really worth it? At the end of the day it is a simple question but a pretty honest one as well," said Ricciardo. "It is our job and profession and our life, but also it is still just racing cars around in circles.

"So it gets to a point where you actually question it when you are reminded of these things – is it worth it? I certainly questioned it last night but I slept and then seeing some of his family here today, that is what gave me more strength than anything else.

"How they could be here after...taking my hat off to them doesn't do it justice. I could not imagine being in their position, and I felt that they were a lot stronger than any of us today."

A minute's silence was held prior to the race and then on Lap 19 – the same number Hubert raced with – fans in the grandstands stood and applauded. Ricciardo added that moments like this really bring the motorsport community together.

"That is where you understand that we are a community. There are rivalries and not everyone loves each other. But we certainly are a community. These things tend to bond us closer.

"All the categories F2, F3 were on the grid with us. It is a weird one but that is when you realise that the competition is one thing, but this is more than that. You can put the competition aside very easily when things like this happen."