Pirelli confirms compound selections for F1 season finale

Pirelli Formula 1 tyres

Formula 1's sole tyre supplier Pirelli has confirmed the compound selections it will make available for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix season finale.

The three softest compounds have been chosen for only the fourth time this season – the C3 (Hard - White), C4 (Medium - Yellow) and C5 (Soft - Red).

These were the same choices for the Monaco and Canadian GPs and will be used for the upcoming Singapore round next month.

As per the regulations, Pirelli has nominated the softest tyre (C5) as the qualifying tyre and therefore each driver must save one set for Q3 should they make it through to the top-ten qualifying shoot-out.

This set will then be returned to Pirelli for those who use it in Q3, but the remaining drivers will keep it for the race, giving them a slight advantage.

Drivers will be provided with one set of each compound and can then choose the remaining 10 sets from the three choices, giving them a total of 13 sets for the weekend.