Haas: Mid-season driver change would be 'a desperate move'

Haas drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner insists he's not considering a mid-season driver change, and says such a decision would be a "desperate move".

Steiner has been critical of both his drivers of late after they crashed into each other during the British Grand Prix, forcing both cars to retire on the opening lap which led him to issue a stern warning.

Despite that, at the following race in Germany they clashed again but sustained no damage, but it has heightened tensions between Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean, with the latter exclaiming over team radio that Magnussen "will never learn".

The Dane then added: "Just think what you want to do because I'm really not comfortable racing this guy."

Steiner insists he has no issue with his drivers not getting along and doesn't wish to get involved in their personal relationship so long as they respect the team.

"I'll leave that to them," he said. "I don't want to get involved in their personal [feelings] as long as they respect the team and do what they need to do for the team.

"If they don't get on personally, I cannot fix that. As long as they respect the team and do what the team wants them to do, I'm fine with that. If they don't speak with each other, as long as they don't do anything negative towards the team, I have to live with that and I can live with that.

"Trying to force someone to have a good relationship does not work. We know that. I'm no psychologist, but I know this much."

The clashes both on and off-track have led to rumours that Haas is seeking to replace Grosjean – who has an offer from a Formula E team for 2019/20 – but Steiner insists that's a desperate move he's not yet considering.

"At the moment, I'm not thinking about that," he added. "That doesn't make a lot of sense, because then you'll get just more questions than answers. You end up disrupting a lot of things. So that would be a desperate move, if I have to do that one."