I could have passed Scott Dixon with one more lap - Felix Rosenqvist

Chip Ganassi Racing's Felix Rosenqvist felt he could have passed team-mate Scott Dixon for his first win with one more lap.

Rosenqvist had chased down Dixon in the final 10 laps of the race as the Kiwi's tyres had fallen away which left him vulnerable.

There were no team orders as Rosenqvist's engineer encouraged him over the radio to go for the pass, but was also sternly reminded of the fact it was his team-mate in front of him.

On the final lap of the race, The Swede had come within striking distance and attempted a move into the keyhole, but Dixon had closed the door and pair came together.

Despite another attempt through Turns 4 and 5, Dixon held on for the win despite Rosenqvist's drive to the line, the pair were separated by just 0.09s at the timing beam.

"I really enjoy, every time I fight against him," said the Swede. "It's actually impressive how clever he is, not only when it comes to his speed but also the way he races, and when you race side by side, he rarely takes the wrong decision, and you could see that today.

"He was on four tires, low fuel, and he still came out in front. I'm sure we would have got him with another lap, but the race is what it is. The lapped cars is what it is, and he won the race, so credit to him, and maybe next time we get him."

Rosenqvist also praised Dixon's racecraft after their battle, complimenting his team-mate on the ability to race 'hard but fair'.

"I mean, if it was someone else, obviously you would have gone a bit harder," he added. "But being Scott, you know he's going to fight you fair.

"I mean, I know a couple of other drivers in this championship who I wouldn't go even as hard as I did with Scott because there would just be an accident.

"So yeah, I think he's always on the right level of aggression and safety at the same time."