Robert Kubica to run Williams updates in Friday practice

Robert Kubica, Williams FW42 - 2019

Robert Kubica will run with Williams’ latest updates on Friday at the German Grand Prix, as the team strives to close its deficit to the midfield.

Williams has languished at the back of the Formula 1 field in 2019 and is the only team yet to escape from Q1 or score a championship point, leaving it firmly last in the standings.

It introduced minor updates in Britain and has followed it up with another package in Germany, which Kubica will run on Friday, before being joined by George Russell on Saturday.

Williams did not divulge details on the nature of the new components.

“I think hopefully this weekend will be the first time of the year where we see a small step forwards, how much that will be not sure yet, but definitely some visible changes to the car for this weekend,” said Russell.

“Robert will be running the new stuff tomorrow, and I’ll be running the previous stuff to get a full back-to-back correlation to see the differences, then I’ll have it on my car for Saturday.

“It’ll be a step forwards, I’m still sure we’ll be slowest still.

“I think this weekend is quite important for us to understand how these test items we’re bringing to the car plan out.

“I think if they work as expected it’d be positive for us, I won’t give a figure on that in terms of a number, but we have some expectations of where we think how much it should improve by.

“If it reaches our targets we’ll still definitely be slowest this weekend, but we know we’ve got more to come later in the year.

“Behind the scenes we’re definitely seeing a lot of progress so we hope that translates onto track as well.” Kubica added:

“We have a few new bits on the car, which is a continuation of what we introduced a bit in Silverstone, which was focusing on getting the car faster, getting more downforce on the car and hopefully they will work as expected, should be a good improvement.”