Tyre improvements will aid 2021 racing - FIA

The FIA says Formula 1 tyres post-2020 will be less sensitive than the current specification in a bid to enhance the quality and quantity of grand prix racing.

Pirelli has been Formula 1’s tyre supplier since 2011 and through its tenure has been asked by the sport to manufacture a variety of products.

In the early spell of its contract it produced high-degradation tyres that required multiple pit stops but in recent years it has manufactured longer-lasting rubber.  

Pirelli has evolved its tyres each year, focusing on reducing blistering and overheating for 2019, but has still faced complaints over a narrow operating window.

The current compounds are also sensitive to the impact of the dirty air produced by the cars, meaning drivers are reluctant to remain close to a rival for a prolonged period.

“We are into a deep consultation with Pirelli about how to be in a position where [the tyres] enable people to race and don’t degrade or force people to manage so much,” said FIA Head of Single Seater Technical Matters Nikolas Tombazis.

“They will need a broader working range and will not be as sensitive as the current tyres.

“We have understood jointly quite a lot of things that will make a significant difference in that respect.”

Formula 1’s Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds added that “the high degradation target is not the way to go.

“However, we do believe that pit stops are important in F1 and we know our fans enjoy these two-second stops. Some of the teams are going to help us with this task through simulation.”

Pirelli is contracted to remain as Formula 1's sole tyre supplier through 2023.