Robert Kubica: Williams needs time for changes to materialise

Williams F1 driver Robert Kubica on the grid at Silverstone

Robert Kubica has stressed that it will take time for the changes made at Williams to materialise into on-track results in Formula 1.

Williams is in the midst of its worst season in its 40-year history, and has yet to get out of Q1 or contend for points with its recalcitrant FW42.

Technical chief Paddy Lowe took a leave of absence after pre-season testing and his departure was formally confirmed at the end of last month.

It ostensibly leaves Williams without a technical leader though under its current structure Chief Designer Doug McKiernan, Head of Design Adam Carter and Trackside Engineering Chief Dave Robson are heading proceedings.

“I don’t want to go too much into the detail, but definitely there has been and there is still work [going on with] restructuring the factory,” said Kubica.

“In the factory, people [in] the top management are taking decisions of moving people and restructuring. It’s something which requires the time.

“Definitely when you have people leaving they are emptying some slots, gaps, it needs time to restructure, but we have to, and we are, working as a team and we have to give credit to the people who are working on this car, so let’s wait and see.

“Definitely there is a lot going on, which is normal in Formula 1. I think no-one is chilling out in the paddock.

“Everyone’s trying to extract maximum from the cars, and also from the facility and the people, and we are in a difficult situation but we have to keep working and pushing.

“The only way of improving is to try our best… but as I said we cannot expect miracles from one day to the other so we have to keep working.”

Kubica also underlined that Williams must avoid getting wrapped up in its history and past successes if it is to make gains in the future.

“I have a big respect for what has been achieved but we have to think about what is now and the future and not too much about the past, and this is a priority,” he said.

“We will not have an advantage because of history, we have to earn what we want to achieve and we have to work.”