Pirelli reveals tyre selections for German GP

Pirelli has revealed the compound choices made by Formula 1 teams for next weekend’s German Grand Prix.

The company has nominated the C2 (Hard), C3 (Medium) and C4 (Soft) tyres in order to deal with the demands placed upon the rubber by the Hockenheim circuit.

As usual each driver has 13 sets of tyres available for the grand prix weekend, with Pirelli mandating one set of each compound; drivers have free choice for their remaining 10 sets of rubber.

Renault and Toro Rosso have taken the most aggressive approach by selecting 10 sets of Softs, leaving Nico Hulkenberg and Daniil Kvyat with just a single set of Medium tyres.

Nine of the 20 drivers, meanwhile, will have just one batch of the Hard compound tyres available to them for the duration of the weekend.

Under Formula 1 regulations, assuming dry conditions prevail through the race, either the Mediums or Hards must be used for one stint.