Difficult moment for Sebastian Vettel raises questions – Ross Brawn

Sebastian Vettel hits Max Verstappen - British GP 2019

Formula 1's Managing Director of Motorsport Ross Brawn believes the recent run of races raises questions for Sebastian Vettel, after another high-profile error.

Vettel was the instigator of another incident at Silverstone when he slammed into the back of Max Verstappen at the Vale chicane.

It marked the seventh time that Vettel has made a result-altering mistake in a race since he crashed out of his home event in Germany 12 months ago.

The collision put an end to an already difficult weekend for Vettel after he qualified sixth and appeared unable to get the best out of the SF90.

Since the controversial events of the Canadian Grand Prix where he was denied victory, the German has also been struggling for form against his new team-mate Charles Leclerc.

"Since Canada, Sebastian seems to have been struggling more and more, and in Silverstone, those woes deepened further," said Brawn.

"Unlike Leclerc, he never felt comfortable in the car, as can be seen from the gaps in qualifying and then, in the race, he didn’t make the most of the Safety Car opportunity, after it had seen him move up to third.

"Then came the mistake when he slammed into the back of Verstappen’s car. He realised immediately that he’d erred and after the race quickly sought Max out to apologise.

Brawn was also quick to praise Vettel's abilities but feels the opportunity for championship success could be diminishing if he doesn't remain calm and embrace the support from the team.

"It’s a difficult moment for Sebastian, as he probably feels under a different kind of pressure than he’s used to, and he must be asking himself what direction he should now go in, given that again this year, his chance of putting Ferrari back on top is slipping away,” reflected Brawn.

"Sebastian is an incredible driver, as his record shows, but at the moment, he needs to keep calm and to rely on support from his team, which I’m sure he is getting.

“I reckon there is no other team like Ferrari when it comes to surrounding its drivers with affection and positive energy."