Red Bull sets new record for fastest ever pit-stop at 1.91s

Fastest ever Formula 1 pit stop

Red Bull Racing posted a new world record pit-stop time during the British Grand Prix, beating a record set by Williams back in 2016.

The 16-man crew serviced Pierre Gasly's car in just 1.91 seconds, which beats the previous record of 1.92s by just one hundredth!

In fact, the previous record was most recently completed by Williams at the 2016 Azerbaijan GP, which matched a time originally set by Red Bull in 2013 when they changed all four of Mark Webber's wheels in lighting speed at the US GP.

Not only did Red Bull beat that record at Silverstone, but they also recorded the second quickest stop of the race with Max Verstappen at 1.96s – which allowed him crucially to get out ahead of – or alongside might be more accurate – Ferrari's Charles Leclerc.

Williams, which has been one of the best operations in the pit lane this year, registered the third-quickest stop of the race, servicing Robert Kubica in 2.14s.