Alexander Albon's car was too dangerous for second pit stop

Alex Albon during the British Grand Prix

Alexander Albon was unable to make a second pit stop during the British Grand Prix because it was too dangerous to do so.

Albon had wanted to make a second stop later in the race after climbing up to eighth by Lap 38, but Honda warned Toro Rosso that it would be unsafe to do so due to a "high voltage issue", which meant touching the car may cause injury.

With the Thai racer unable to rid his STR14 of its worn tyres, his pace dropped off and he ended up finishing 12th.

"Unfortunately, Alex dropped out of the points in the closing stages, as he was unable to make the second tyre stop that he needed," explained Honda's Toyoharu Tanabe. 

"This was PU-related, as the data showed a high voltage issue, so we told the team it was inadvisable to make a second stop on safety grounds.

"Of course, we will now analyse this issue very carefully."

Albon added: "When the safety car came out some drivers got lucky, others didn’t. We had an issue with the car where we couldn’t pit or touch the car, so we had to stay out while others around us pitted. It was a frustrating race, but that’s the way it goes sometimes."