Ricciardo: MotoGP riders will 'kick up a fuss' over new Silverstone track surface

Daniel Ricciardo during practice for the British Grand Prix

Renault's Daniel Ricciardo says he expects MotoGP riders will "kick up a fuss" over the newly resurfaced Silverstone track, despite saying it's "pretty good".

The track underwent a full resurfacing in 2018, but it led to several issues including rippling, which makes the surface very bumpy, and also caused drainage issues which ultimately led to the cancellation of the MotoGP race last year.

In order to secure a new MotoGP deal, Silverstone was forced into another resurfacing which was carried out last month ahead of this weekend's British Grand Prix.

Whilst the drivers gave a fairly positive response, Ricciardo doesn't expect the same feedback from MotoGP riders.

“The new surface is actually pretty good, it offers quite a bit of grip in some areas," he said.

"Initially this morning it was quite slick and oily, but then it really rubbered in. So that's going to keep getting better through the weekend.

“It's still really bumpy in some areas. I don't think the MotoGP guys are going to like Turn 6. They're going to kick up a fuss. For us it's alright, but the rest seems pretty decent."

Whilst Max Verstappen said the bumps "are worse than last year", Ferrari's Charles Leclerc disagreed, adding: "We are never happy as drivers, but at the end it is very very smooth, the grip is incredible, so that's good, but I like when it's a bit more bumpy."