Ferrari's Charles Leclerc ready to be more aggressive after Austria decision

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc says he's ready to be more aggressive in his racing, knowing that incidents such as his and Max Verstappen's clash in Austria will go unpunished.

The pair battled for the lead in the closing laps of the grand prix, with Verstappen taking the inside at Turn 3 and forcing Leclerc wide. The pair even touched wheels, but the stewards chose not to punish the move and put it down as a racing incident.

Leclerc says he moved on the from the saga with ease, but is happy to know that harder racing is allowed and he will be more aggressive in future.

"I think with the incident, I don't have any problems and it was very easy for me to move on," he said on Thursday. "The only thing is that I would like maybe a bit more consistency, I feel like there have been some other incidents in the past which have been less big, in a way, and that have been penalised.

"If we can race that way, I'm more than happy to race that way. I think it's good for Formula 1. I think it's what us drivers want.

"We just need to know what we can expect from the others, and on that, I think that's why I would like probably more consistency on the penalties."

Pushed on his comment about racing harder, Leclerc added: "Yeah, I'm happy that we can now race like this. I just want it to be consistent. If it's consistent, I'm very happy to be racing like this.

"As drivers, we always try to be as close as the rules limit us to be. So I will definitely change a little bit and adjust a little bit my aggressivity."