FIA removes third DRS zone from Silverstone

Silverstone Circuit will feature only two DRS zones for this weekend’s British Grand Prix, with the third section – introduced at last year’s event – having been removed.

The FIA has been experimenting with the number and length of DRS zones in recent years and last season a third section was added at Silverstone, as well as most other circuits where three straights are available.

This ran from the pit straight until the braking point at Village, through the fast Abbey and Farm curves.

But it has not been retained for 2019, with the remaining two DRS zones staying along the Wellington Straight and Hangar Straight.

The new zone attracted criticism in 2018 as drivers who had insufficient downforce on their cars to use DRS through Abbey had to close it manually, rather than it being automatic when braking.

It was the reason attributed to Marcus Ericsson’s crash during the grand prix, though the FIA has not detailed the exact reason for the change.