Robert Kubica sliding everywhere, trying everything, amid struggles

Williams F1 driver Robert Kubica at the Austrian Grand Prix

A downbeat Robert Kubica says he is “trying everything” to improve his situation in the wake of another difficult display at Formula 1’s Austrian Grand Prix.

Kubica returned to a Formula 1 race seat with Williams this season, after an eight-year absence, but has struggled for performance aboard the recalcitrant FW42.

Kubica has yet to out-qualify team-mate George Russell and has been beaten by the rookie in all bar once race.

Russell was able to briefly battle with the lower end of the midfield in Sunday’s race but Kubica was cut adrift at the rear of the field and classified in 20th place.

“It’s difficult to comment when you finish three laps down and nearly a lap behind your team-mate,” lamented Kubica.

“The comments are the same as always I would say.

“I’m sliding whenever… I’m putting too much stress into the tyres, I have no grip, and even if I try to keep up the pace I’m able to do it for maybe two [or] three laps and then the tyres are overheating, sliding.

“I was even sliding on the exit of Turn 7 which is a fifth [or] sixth gear corner.

“You can imagine it’s pretty difficult to extract anything if you are just sliding and degrading.

“Whenever you put more slip into the tyres you go slower so I have to drive [so I] don’t slip them and then the pace is very slow.”

Kubica has now been lapped 19 times across the opening nine grands prix amid his and Williams’ struggles.

“I try everything,” he said of his plight. “It’s not the first time [this situation has happened]. It’s not that I’m not trying.

“It's just I’m lacking overall grip and in this condition when it’s hot and when there is a lot of overheating and tyres are suffering a lot I’m just sliding even more.”