Max Verstappen says there's no point being in F1 if overtake is penalised

Max Verstappen believes his overtake for the lead of the Austrian Grand Prix on Charles Leclerc was "hard racing", but doesn't believe it is deserving of a penalty.

The Red Bull driver passed Leclerc for the lead on Lap 69 of 71, but forced Leclerc wide as the pair touched wheels.

The incident is under investigation, with the stewards set to hear from both drivers before making a decision.

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Verstappen however believes there's no point racing in Formula 1 if such a move is punished.

"It’s hard racing, otherwise we have to stay at home," he said after the race.

"If those things are not allowed in racing, then what’s the point of being in Formula 1?"

Leclerc however believes it was "clearly" deserving of a penalty, given he was forced wide and wasn't given a cars width as per the regulations.

"Overall the race was good at the end I had a bit more degradation than I thought and Max came back," he said.

"I’ll let the stewards decide. It was pretty clear in the car, I don’t know how it looked from the outside.

"We’ll see what the decision is."