Hamilton cleared over FP2 incident with Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton runs wide at the French Grand Prix

Stewards have opted to take no further action over the alleged incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in FP2 at the French Grand Prix.

Hamilton slid through Turn 3 and wound up in the Turn 4 run-off, and re-joined the circuit on the approach to Turn 5 just as Verstappen was carrying out a lap.

Stewards flagged up the incident but deemed that no further action was warranted, with both drivers agreeing that the situation was not dangerous.

“The Stewards reviewed video evidence, heard from the driver of car 44 (Lewis Hamilton), the driver of car 33 (Max Verstappen) and team representatives,” confirmed the report.

“The drivers agreed that the situation was not particularly dangerous and did not give Verstappen a lasting disadvantage in this practice session.

“Both drivers agreed that the limited rear visibility and the angle of Car 44 made it difficult for Hamilton to see the approaching car and agreed that Hamilton re-joined slowly.

“The Stewards could observe from the on-board video that Hamilton looked in his mirrors at least twice before attempting to re-join the circuit.”