Top five drivers opt for different tyre selections for Austria

Pirelli tyres

The top five drivers in the Formula 1 championship standings have chosen different tyre selections for the Austrian Grand Prix later this month.

The selections vary within the teams too, with only the McLaren and Racing Point team-mates making the same choice as one another.

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton has opted for two sets of both the white Hard (C2) and yellow Medium (C3), then nine sets of the red Soft (C4). Whereas team-mate Bottas has an extra set of the Medium compound over the Hard.

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel has chosen two sets of the Hard, but only seven sets of the Soft, which is the same as Charles Leclerc, whose options differ on the Hard and Medium.

Whilst Pierre Gasly has selected the same as Bottas, his Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen has opted for just one Hard set, four of the Medium and eight of the Soft.

The Soft tyre is by far the most preferred, with seven the fewest sets chosen by both Ferrari and Racing Point.