Practice sessions to count towards Formula 1 super licence points

Nicholas Latifi driving the Williams FW42

Junior drivers can now earn points towards their Formula 1 super licence by taking part in free practice sessions, the FIA has confirmed.

Currently drivers are required to earn a minimum of 40 points before they're able to compete in F1. These points can be earned by competing in various series from Formula 2 and IndyCar down to national series such as DTM and Asian Le Mans.

However a driver can take part in free practice sessions as long as they have a 'Free Practice Only Super Licence' – which only requires 25 points.

Now, a driver can earn an additional point for each practice session so long as they manage to complete at least 100 km of running and don't incur any penalty points. These additional points are capped at 10 over a three-year period.

Therefore a driver with 30 Super Licence points could take part in 10 practice sessions and earn their F1 Super Licence.

A number of other modifications have been made to the Super Licence system including the addition of the all-female W Series, which along with Euroformula Open series, will qualify for points from 2020, meaning this year's champion will miss out.

It's yet to be communicated how many points will be awarded for the two series.

The FIA has also moved to clarify the eligibility criteria a series must satisfy to qualify for points: "The championships concerned must be composed of a minimum of 5 competitions, the definition of a competition requiring that a minimum of 72 hours has elapsed between the end of one competition and the start of the subsequent competition.

"As part of the requirement for the championship to be held on three different tracks, any alternative circuit configuration recognised and licensed by the FIA may be considered to be a track for these purposes."