IndyCar Aeroscreen 'ticks a lot more boxes' than F1's Halo – Scott Dixon

Scott Dixon believes IndyCar's Aeroscreen "ticks a lot more boxes" in terms of both safety and design than the current Halo being used in Formula 1, as well as other FIA sanctioned series.

IndyCar is looking to introduce the Aeroscreen from 2020 after working on its development with Red Bull Advanced Technologies. In fact, the device was originally intended for F1 before the FIA chose to go with the Halo.

Dixon, who has been involved in the development process, believes the Aeroscreen is "maybe where the Halo needs to go" in future.

"I think the Red Bull Technology one ticks a lot more boxes. I’ve been involved in that a fair bit," he told Autosport.

"It started with what IndyCar did with PPG and the technology they use for the screen itself is going to cross over. I think it covers a much bigger window, I think it’s good. I think it’s maybe where the Halo needs to go.

"Aesthetically everyone is going to have their opinions, but safety-wise it’s a big step forward.

"I think to do it correctly, you need to do it right the first time. I think the Halo was drawn up pretty quickly and I think they’ll see an updated version fairly soon."

The Aeroscreen is based on a similar concept to the Halo, but features a screen that wraps around the cockpit, adding further protection from debris.