George Russell: Little interest in fighting Robert Kubica given position

Williams' cars of Kubica and Russell

George Russell says he has little interest in his strong head-to-head record against team-mate Robert Kubica, given Williams’ lowly position through 2019.

Russell, who stepped up as Formula 2 champion, has not yet been beaten in qualifying by the returning Kubica, while in race trim a similar pattern has emerged. 

"I mean, regardless of who my team-mate was that was always my idea, to come in and try and make an impact as much off the track as on track," said Russell. 

"I always had in my mind that’s how I wanted to approach it. That was a big part of my selling point to Williams. I don’t see it as a fight against my team-mate. I see it as my target to improve this machine. 

"I think there’s many drivers on the grid and their number one target from Friday morning to Sunday night is to out-do their team-mate. 

"From my side that’s a bonus, to perform stronger, but neither of us have the interest in fighting for last place, so I’m enjoying working together with Robert to improve it globally."

Russell added that trying to tinker with and develop Williams’ FW42 is a challenge to be relished in the wake of spending his career in single-spec junior formula series. 

"I mean I’m enjoying seeing the car as a bigger picture," he said.

"In junior formulas all you have to play with is the set-up. Now myself and Robert are a big factor in the upgrades and which direction we take. There’s a lot of weight on our shoulders. 

"I’m quite enjoying that leadership role and being the one along with Robert and the top designers to turn this around. It’s our duty now, let’s say, and it’s very different to junior formulas. I’m enjoying the challenge."