Lewis Hamilton offers his view on post-2021 F1 regulations

Lewis Hamilton, white cap, 2019

Reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton believes Formula 1 needs to address both the regulations and "the entertainment aspect" when considering its post-2021 vision.

Formula 1 chiefs are in the process of putting together the Sporting and Technical regulations for 2021, with a raft of changes expected.

Hamilton has been in Formula 1 since 2007, during which period the championship has undertaken a raft of aerodynamic and engine changes, meaning he has experienced several different formulas.

"In my personal opinion if you look over the last 12 years and beyond that, they always shift and change the regulations for the car, trying to improve costs, trying to improve overtaking and I think in general the decisions have not been great in all those years,” said Hamilton.

"You’ve got Liberty that’s taken over now and you still have the same issues, people are not so excited, you still have that separation between all the top wealthier teams and the lower teams. I think there’s more to it than just changing the regulations of the car.

"That continues to be a fundamental issue but there’s also the entertainment aspect. 

"If you look, every weekend is the same four days for 21 weekends in a year and that format’s never changed, so I think there’s also the entertainment aspect of it that probably has to shift, to suit different tracks. 

"You’ve got Monaco on which you can’t overtake – maybe you have two races there, I don’t know what it is but I don’t have the answers for it but I think that element also needs to have a real look into it.

"People do continue to comment that it’s boring because you still have a period of time where Ferrari wins for a period of time, McLaren wins for a period of time, Mercedes, Red Bull.”

Hamilton added that he would like the challenge of racing Formula 1 cars to be made even tougher. 

"If I had the choice I would go back to V12s, naturally aspirated engines, I would have manual gearboxes, I’d make it harder for the drivers, take away all these big run-off areas that you have everywhere,” he said.

"We should not have steering assistance or even if you do have steering assistance you’ve got to have it low. I like it having low so it’s harder for me. 

"You should be just so physically exhausted after the race, to the point… like a marathon. 

"Sometimes you do these races and you can get up and… I could do a race… I could probably do two or three races in a row and Formula 1 should not be like that. 

"A lot of youngsters come in and it’s quite easy for them to get straight into it but I do think it should be the most physically challenging and probably why a lot of us drivers are able to go on for a long period in time is because we can handle it. There’s a bunch of different things I have."