Pirelli reveals more details of its 18-inch test plans

An 18-inch Pirelli F1 tyres compared against a 13-inch version

Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli has revealed more details regarding its initial plans for testing 18-inch tyres, ahead of their introduction in 2021.

Formula 1 is to switch from 13-inch to 18-inch wheels for 2021 as part of a raft of sporting and technical changes, the details of which are still being defined.

Pirelli is permitted 25 days of in-season running, in order to hone its products for the following campaign, but is opting to use some of its 2019 days for 2021 running.

As part of the 2021 test programme Renault, McLaren and Mercedes will supply mule cars.

Renault will carry out the first running at Paul Ricard in mid-September, with McLaren to take part in the next session at the same venue in November.

An exact date and location for Mercedes’ session – likely to take place in December – has yet to be finalised.

As per usual in Pirelli test sessions all data gathered will be shared between each team, and car set-ups must be set within the initial few laps in order to prevent teams from running development parts.

Pirelli is also ramping up its preparations for Formula 2’s switch to 18-inch tyres, which will come in 2020, a year ahead of Formula 1’s move.

A shakedown has already taken place and eight test sessions are planned, with the first set to take place at Aragon next week.